New Way to Esthetics Discover your Honor

Apr 15,  8:00 |

This event is open to all techanics in South Korea. Participants first submit past case works for registration, and select 60 contestants whose case works meet the basic entry requirements. The company sent an invitation letter to the semifinals of the Masters and a Honorzir SHTPM ceramic tile to each player who passed the preliminary selection competition (preliminaries).

60 semi-finalists need to submit the case work made with Honorzir SHTPM ceramic blocks to aidite.com within a set time. The top 10 finalists were selected to enter the finals.

The final will be held locally in South Korea, and the top three will be selected to sign up as an instructor for Aidit. The champion will get a Samsung folding screen phone.

Application method: enter aidite official website, fill in the application information, and send 5 previously satisfactory case photos to email: info@aidite.com. Deadline: May 25